Tips for How to Get Baby to Sleep

Ask any mother what was the hardest time when their kids were young, they all say getting their baby to sleep and helping them stay asleep at night. The worst thing is that what works for other babies might not work for another. As a mother, you get exhausted and frustrated. Let us look at tips that will help you and your baby sleep at night.

Tips to sleep at night.

  • Calming bedtime routines.

Babies work well with routines. Create a routine of activities to be done before bedtime. This gives the baby signals that bedtime is near. It is also good to set some days where someone else e.g. daddy gets to help in putting on pajamas or bathing the baby. These days should also follow a specific routine. This would be helpful for the days when mummy is not around. Over time the baby will learn the routine and sleep will always follow the bedtime routine.

You might have heard mothers saying they leave the lights in the baby’s room on because the baby might be afraid. What they do not know is that all humans, including babies, sleep better in the dark. Make the lights in the baby’s room as dim as possible. You can also use star light projectors.

  • Swaddle the baby.

Swaddling a baby in the early months helps keep a baby warm and secure. Babies at this age fear to fall. Wrapping them up in a blanket keeps them from being disturbed by their own startle reflex. This keeps them calm during their sleep hence sleep longer.

  • Do not share a bed.

Sleeping in the same bed as your baby is not safe for the baby. There have been cases where a parent has ended up sleeping on the baby. You should, however, sleep in the same room as your baby. This is important for breastfeeding. Having the mother around is protective and helps the baby feel safe hence regulating the baby’s nervous system reaction.

  • Lay the baby down when still drowsy.

The baby needs to learn how to sleep independently. You should lay him/her down when still awake but drowsy. Do not let the baby fall completely asleep in your arms. In the long run, this will teach the baby to be independent. He will be able to go back to sleep alone whenever he wakes up at night.

  • Soothe to sleep.

Soothing your baby to sleep with sound is very important. You can use a white noise machine for this purpose. Despite the kind of white noise machine, you choose, it will cancel all kinds of noise from outside that could distract the baby. Overtime, the baby will associate this sound with sleep.

With the above tips at hand, your ay will have no problem sleeping. If you have a partner, then it is wise to help each other. Having a fatigued mother is not good for the baby. You can also look at for more information.

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